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Patron-in-Chief : GOC HQ 21 Corps
Patron : COS HQ 21 Corps
Chairman : CSO HQ 21 Corps
Members : DCSO HQ 21 Corps
    Col A HQ 21 Corps
    CWE Bhopal
    Adm Comdt. Stn HQ, Bhopal
      CO 21 Corps Sig Regt (AREN)
Information of School as per CBSC : Download Now
    CO 4021 Fd Amb
    Col (Edn) HQ 21 Corps
      DJAG HQ 21 Corps
      Two Teachers
      Two Parents
      Principal, KV Bairagarh
      Two FWO Reps
  Secretary : Principal, Army Public School,
Article 46 of AWES Rules & Regulations - Meeting of the Managing Committee will be held periodically (at least once in a quarter) so that members are in touch with running of the school and necessary approval and sanction is accorded as and when required without delay.