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Vision Statement:
Army Public School, Bhopal to progress into a state of art academic institution with modern and adequate infrastructure, variety of academic disciplines with supporting labs, ample facilities for co-curricular activity, sports and personality development.
 Student Strength: We anticipate a major increase in the student strength with development of MAP in Bhopal, resulting in increase of families.
2009-10 - 1297 2010-11 - 1295
2011-12 - 1400 2012-13 - 1600
2013-14 - 1800    

Infrastructure: 2012-13
  i. Development of full fledged Football and Hockey grounds.
  ii. Development of Arboriculture as per the proposed plan.
  iii. Shed for Amphitheatre at assembly area.
  v. Canteen Facility
  vi. Stationery Shop Facility.
Academic Curriculum:
  (a) 2012-13 - Introduction of humanities based on demand by students.
  (b) 2013-14 - Introduction of Bio-technology.
  (c) 2014-15 - Introduction of Entrepreneurship.
  (d) 2015-16 - Introduction of Fashion designing.
  (e) 2016-20 - Further on requirement.
  (a) Every student to pick up one/two games where he/she should gain proficiency.
  (b) Introduction of yoga and meditation for physical and mental fitness.
  (c) Following disciplines in sport be targeted year wise for Inter School Competition.
  2011-12 - Football & Hockey
  2012-13 - Athletics & Handball
  2013-20 - Review and further course chalked
Extra Curricular Activities:
  (a) 2011-13 - Trekking, Mountaineering and Adventure activity, Horse Riding, Aero modeling.
  (b) 2013-14 - Depending on infrastructure & space.